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>> What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a great way to make money on the Web.Earning money is so easy with our affiliate program, promote Lightake products on your website, blog, social media or any online location and receive commission on any sale you successfully refer - Click here to register now!

2.How Do I Generate Referral Links?

If you would like to place our website or products on your referral website, please go to “My Account--Affiliate Program---Join Affiliate”, Fill in demand and get the codes,We will be audited within 48 hours.

2.How to use the promotion code?

Successful applications,You can simply add the affiliate code to any URLs on our website, and your referrals will be tracked. Here are some sample URLs for your reference:

1)Site Referrer URL:

2)And you can search any products you want,add the affiliate code to your product Referrer URL


3.How Do I View My Referrals and Points?

1) Check Your Affiliate Point Details
You can go to “My Account--Affiliate Program--Promotion Points” and see the details on your points and refered customers orders.

The orders generated from your code will be in three order statuses: UNACTIVE, ACTIVE and CANCEL.
UNACTIVE means you still can’t use the points temporarily until the order is fulfilled;
ACTIVE means you have access to using the points;
CANCEL means the order is cancelled by the customer.

2) Check Your Order Details
Go to “My Account--Affiliate Program--Promotion Effect” to view your customers visit details and order details.

3) Check Your Exchange integral
Go to “My Account--Affiliate Program--Cash Back Request” and you can use them to Exchange for Gifts or get Cash-back.
10 Referral Points=1$ cash(USD).
Referral points earned are locked for 30 days after the order has been shipped. This is to allow for any problems or refunds which may occur. After this period you are able to exchange Referral Points however you wish.

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