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Review for our products to get Super High LT points!

Q: I have 100 points, how can I get cash back?

A: Once the points are accumulated to the level of 100, you have the qualification of cash back. What you need to do is send an email to points@lightake.com and tell us your lightake account and Paypal account, and then your LT points will be deducted automatically and $10 credited to your Paypal account.

Earning LT Points:

1. Your own purchases

The point is 10% of the order amount. For example, a $10 order gets 1 point. Points take at least 60 days to activate.

2. Product reviews

1) 3-6 points for text review.

2) 6-10 points for text + picture review.

3) 10-15 points for video review.

4) 15-20 points for text+ pictures + video review.

Note: LT points are rewarded per review type, and Points are activated after reviews are approved. More details please contact: service@lightake.com

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